VoIP – UCP Stanislaus Testimonials

“Before switching to Zen VoIP, UCP Stanislaus was with a large telecommunication company who provided both our digital voice and internet services. As our organization’s technology needs grew, we decided to seek more cost-effective providers without the long-term contact commitments. Since switching to Zen VoIP, our internet speeds have more than doubled while enabling us to make four times as many calls simultaneously, all with a monthly savings of over $300. The added benefit of this system is being able to connect multiple sites together without the expensive plans other providers would charge. Opting to purchase our phone system gives us the ability to expand our network as needed without the bulky equipment and components.

We could have gone with a number of VoIP providers in the area but we chose Zen VoIP for its competitive pricing and customer service. As a local provider, Zen VoIP is responsive to any technical questions and needs. Once set up, there where no problems with the service or equipment. Their ability to make recommendations to our organization’s other technical needs is an added benefit to the service they provide.”

Chief Communications Officer
UCP Stanislaus