We are sure that our service will help lower down your Phone Bill!

Our Services

Two Ways To Use

Get a complete phone system that includes business VoIP phones and inbound and outbound calling, or keep your existing phone number and use our reliable, professional, and fully featured virtual PBX to route callers and handle voicemail. Or you can blend your usage and do both.

Save Money

A truly great business phone system will have outstanding features and be easy to install and use, but it also needs to be affordable. That's the best thing about choosing Zen VoIP. With our new Virtual PBX Complete product, most companies will save between 40% and 50% on monthly phone costs!

Easy Set-up

You can sign up for our service on-line, and we'll turn the system on immediately. With Virtual PBX, there is no complicated and expensive hardware switch to install; you just add your phones and your people.

More Flexibility

Most phone systems work the way THEY want, not the way YOU want. At Zen VoIP, we’ve built in options and controls for every feature we offer. Don’t let your phone system dictate to your business – make the phone system fit your company.

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