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Provide the right solutions, at the best possible price.
In a nutshell, we provide telecommunication savings!

ZenVoIP is not just another Phone

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We’re focused on your business needs—not what’s in the box for other companies. Every businesses are different and one solution cannot guarantee the fix for those overpriced Telecommunication bills. That is why we look at the into those obstacles and build a system to fulfill what your business needs the most.

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Provide the right solutions, at the best possible price.
In a nutshell, we provide telecommunication savings!

Save Money

A truly great business phone system will have outstanding features and be easy to install and use, but it also needs to be affordable. That’s the best thing about choosing Zen VoIP. With our new Virtual PBX Complete product, most companies will save between 40% and 50% on monthly phone costs!

Easy Set Up

Most phone systems work the way THEY want, not the way YOU want. At Zen VoIP, we’ve built in options and controls for every feature we offer. Don’t let your phone system dictate to your business – make the phone system fit your company.

More Flexibility

You can sign up for our service on-line, and we’ll turn the system on immediately. With Virtual PBX, there is no complicated and expensive hardware switch to install; you just add your phones and your people.

Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account


$ 24

  • Call Block
  • Call Broadcast
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Center
  • Call Parking
  • Conference Call
  • Dial By Name
  • Directroy
  • Do Not Disturb

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$ 39

  • Follow Me
  • Hot Desking
  • IVR Menus
  • Music on Hold
  • Operator Panel
  • Paging
  • Recording of Calls
  • Ring Groups
  • Spam Filter
  • Time Conditions
  • Voice Mail
  • WebRTC Ready

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Our employee who handled our complete phone system which was an Asterisk based system left our company and left us without the ability to easily change message, call routings, etc. since this employee had done all this for us. It was a nightmare considering that many of the previous voice recordings were out of date and we had no way to change them ourselves. And trying to get someone in to change it for us? Forget it. Zen Voip was a blessing in disguise. We have not only been able to save money with our monthly phone bill but can now internally record, set, change, add lines, or do whatever we want through the on-line interface. I feel liberated being able to control my own phone system while being able to make quick changes when necessary. It has given us the flexibility to do what we want, when we want, and how we want it. Plus, the support has been incredible. I’d recommend a VOIP system by ZenVoip over a traditional or server based setup any time. It was quick and easy to get in and setup. Now I have achieved a little smaller piece of Zen in my business 🙂

Brian Walker

i-Group Technologies


Before switching to Zen VoIP, UCP Stanislaus was with a large telecommunication company who provided both our digital voice and internet services. As our organization’s technology needs grew, we decided to seek more cost-effective providers without the long-term contact commitments. Since switching to Zen VoIP, our internet speeds have more than doubled while enabling us to make four times as many calls simultaneously, all with a monthly savings of over $300. The added benefit of this system is being able to connect multiple sites together without the expensive plans other providers would charge. Opting to purchase our phone system gives us the ability to expand our network as needed without the bulky equipment and components.

We could have gone with a number of VoIP providers in the area but we chose Zen VoIP for its competitive pricing and customer service. As a local provider, Zen VoIP is responsive to any technical questions and needs. Once set up, there where no problems with the service or equipment. Their ability to make recommendations to our organization’s other technical needs is an added benefit to the service they provide.


UCP Stanislaus

Easy, immediate set up.

Our goal is to eliminate all hassles for your business to run efficiently.

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